More stories about Wastewater

  • Fulfillment systems by World Water Works

    The systems are pre-wired and pre-plumbed for fast installation and include precalibrated chemical-feed control instrumentation.

  • Product Focus: Wastewater and Stormwater Products

    Here are 16 products to help you manage wastewater and stormwater. Many, but not all, were exhibited at three major water-related conventions this year: WEFTEC, which takes place Sept. 26-30 in Chicago, and StormCon and the American Water Works Association’s ACE15 Annual Meeting.

  • Hose pumps by Watson-Marlow

    Apex28 and Apex35 hose pumps are designed for water and wastewater dosing, metering, and transfer duties.

  • Digital THM measuring by Parker Hannifin

    Use the On-Line THM Analyzer to identify and resolve age issues, amend flushing to save water, and monitor storage tanks in real time.

  • Digging tubes by Super Products

    The Super Tube lasts almost four times longer than standard digging tubes used on tough hydroexcavation and sewer cleaning jobs.

  • New Dewatering and Sewage Pump

    Small Footprint- High Performance

  • City of Vancouver approves 10-year partnership with CH2M

    DENVER, (August 19, 2015) - The Vancouver, Washington, City Council on July 27 unanimously approved a 10-year partnership with CH2M for the operation and maintenance (O&M) of the City’s two wastewater treatment plants—Westside and Marine Park, the Industrial Pretreatment Lagoon and eight pump...

  • Washington, D.C., suburb seeks civil engineer

    Here’s your chance to preserve the past while innovating the future as a Civil Engineer III (sanitary sewers). That’s the motto of Alexandria, Va., a historic community (settled in 1695) that’s now home to 140,000 people.

  • Worker killed in wastewater treatment accident

    The man, identified as wastewater operator Donald Megge of Sterling Heights, MI, was caught in a machine at Fiat Chrysler Automobiles’ Jefferson North Assembly Plant.

  • Maine sewer district to upgrade plant

    $20-million project is state’s first wastewater treatment facility to use the construction management at-risk process.