More stories about Wastewater

  • 2014 Outlook: Ogden City, Utah

    The city will replace its 13.5 mgd bed filter treatment plant built in 1956 and connect it to a new transmission line.

  • 2014 Outlook: Vancouver, Wash.

    New emission limits will require more extensive and more expensive monitoring. Additional recording and training will also be required.

  • Freeze-proof pressure transducer

    It only takes a small formation of ice deep inside the inlet cavity to destroy a pressure transducer's sensing element.

  • VIDEO File: Public Works' 2013 Highlight Reel

    A look back at 2013's five most-popular video headlines.

  • Trendsetter: City of Daphne, Ala.

    The city has worked with Earth Clean Technologies to pilot a biodiesel plant that uses used cooking oil as feedstock to produce highly efficient fuel.

  • Graywater harvesting system

    The system removes biological and chemical contaminants, just like a municipal treatment train.

  • Attack of the 'faux flushables'

    What happens to sewer systems when household wipes are flushed down the toilet.

  • WEFTEC 2013 wrap-up

    A look at the Operator Ingenuity Contest winners from teh 86th Annual WEFTEC conference.

  • 'Faux flushables' attack U.S. sewers

    Not everything labeled "flushable" should be. “Dispose of properly" is meaningless messaging for consumer goods delivered via non-woven material – otherwise known as wet wipes. "Sewer activists" are fighting back.

  • Sewer inspection system (VIDEO)

    Here’s an interesting twist to traditional sewer televising. Clay, plastic, concrete, reinforced concrete, brick, and other pipe materials don’t conduct electricity very well.