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  • Ground-penetrating radar

    Quantum Imager locates and depicts objects buried 30 ft below the surface.

  • Wide-format printing

    Print, copy, and scan without sacrificing productivity, quality, and detail.

  • Winter maintenance mapping

    GPS DataSmart reporting system analyzes data collected by sensors and controls on snow removal vehicles and spreaders.

  • Toughbook docking station

    New docking station for Panasonic Toughbook 53 maximizes space available inside the vehicle.

  • Improving drivers' vision

    Industry has developed devices to either improve vision or to alert drivers to objects in blind spots.

  • Sweeper types in descending order of popularity

    Specify the technology that meets your debris removal, maneuverability, and off-loading needs.

  • Remote environmental monitoring, control

    GrayWolfLive enables customers who own the company’s AdvancedSense, WolfPack, or DirectSense meters to access indoor and ambient air quality, industrial hygiene, LEED IEQ Credit 3.2, and HVAC data and attached notes (audio, text, photos, etc.) from any Web-enabled device and adjust log intervals...

  • Wireless water-security alarm

    Designed to tell the difference between hail or heavy rain and a real threat, the Intrusion Detection System is rated for a maximum of one false alarm per year.

  • Greenhouse gas regs for 2014

    The EPA's newest emissions requirements, called GHG 2014, cover carbon dioxide and fuel efficiency.

  • How to download free infrastructure ‘Report Card’ app (video)

    Every four years the American Society of Civil Engineers grades the physical condition of water, transportation, and energy assets nationally and state by state. Stillwater, Okla., Transportation Department Manager Jason Peek explains what’s in the 2013 Report Card and how to use your iPhone or...