More stories about Streetlighting

  • World’s Longest Elevated Bike Trail Lights Up

    For 80 years, the Bloomingdale Line hauled coal, furniture, yeast, and toys to and from businesses in northwest Chicago. For $95 million, the Chicago DOT transformed this former railway into a recreational trail connecting four neighborhoods.

  • LED street lighting from Cree

    Cree, Inc. introduces the Cree RSW LED Street Luminaire, the first of a new generation of streetlights that deliver LED energy savings and reliability in a warm color temperature that is preferred in many residential applications. The revolutionary RSW LED streetlight utilizes Cree’s proprietary...

  • Tear drop LED II from Holophane

    With the launch of the 2nd generation Large Tear Drop LED, Holophane expands its leadership within the market for period-style luminaires serving urban applications. Together with the Pedestrian Tear Drop LED, the Tear Drop series spans a wide range of lumen packages while keeping a traditional day...

  • Converting sodium lights to LEDs

    Small Washington city makes history with streetlight-driven energy metering. Convincing the local utility to switch from an unmetered flat rate tariff to usage-based billing was key to optimizing savings.

  • Converting sodium lights to LEDs: Spending to save (energy)

    Although replacing all of West Richland’s 1,097 streetlight fixtures with LEDs made long-term financial sense, the project came with a hefty pricetag. However, the energy-saving measure was eligible for a series of grants and incentives.

  • Streetworks Verdeon LED roadway luminaire from Eaton

    Achieve maximum pole spacing and uniformity when replacing 50- to 150-watt high pressure sodium (HPS) fixtures or building new streets and roads.

  • SSG Series UPS units from Falcon Electric

    Uninterruptible power supply (UPS) solves power problems for intelligent traffic systems in harsh environments.

  • Streetlights save money

    Wireless technology is turning streetlighting into extremely valuable public works real estate.

  • Pros and cons of solar-powered streetlights

    Having led the LED charge, municipalities lower costs further by using the sun and/or wind to power streetlights.

  • MultiSense MC-60 security camera from Sensera

    Cloud-based solution for monitoring roadways, jobsites, and other remote facilities.