More stories about Specifications

  • Utilizing your equipment

    Equipment utilization is the last thing that should bog down operations. That’s where custom solutions come into play.

  • Pressure washers

    Pressure washers use motorized pumps to force water at high speed through a hose. The pressurized water often eliminates the need for harsh cleaning chemicals, degreasers, or detergents.

  • Seattle Public Utilities rolls out specs for mapping and archiving

    Against many odds, Real-time Asset Mapping positively impacts operations.

  • 15B HighLift PowerVac from Grasshopper

    Lawn care professionals who attend the GIE+EXPO in Louisville, Ky., will have the opportunity to learn how the complete line of fuel-efficient Grasshopper zero-turn mowers and year-round productivity solutions can make them more productive and profitable all year long.

  • Write specifications in less time

    The volume of water and wastewater content covered by SpecText is up 40% since the beginning of 2014 and still growing.

  • 10 joints for pressurized water and sewer pipes

    A specifier's guide to the most common steel and rubber gasketed joints.

  • Township saves yard waste and disposal program

    Working with the manufacturer on equipment modifications keeps a popular free service safe from budget cutbacks.

  • Modernizing an interstate

    Even after decades of use, the pavement was still in good enough condition to save, so UDOT elected to perform concrete pavement preservation (CPP).

  • Caltrans approves rebar for bridges

    New provision expands use of ASTM A1035 beyond pavement use as dowel bars and deformed bars for continuous reinforced concrete.

  • Suburb self performs RCC

    An Illinois public works department saves money with roller-compacted concrete. The material achieves high strength more quickly than conventional concrete pavement mixes.