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  • Detroit Water Project taps donors to support residents in need

    As the City of Detroit works out a bankruptcy settlement in court, the Detroit Water Project is working out ways to help struggling residents pay their water bills, and avoid a shut-off.

  • Tunnel on verge of 'catastrophic collapse'

    Nineteen miles of the Hetch Hetchy water system, which brings water from outside Yosemite National Park to 2.6 million San Francisco Bay people and businesses, will cost $100 million to repair or $630 million to replace.

  • KMS provides Puron MBR Ultrafiltration modules for power plant in Inner Mongolia

    Koch Membrane Systems, Inc. (KMS) has announced that it supplied PURON membrane bioreactor (MBR) ultrafiltration modules to a power plant located in Inner Mongolia, China.

  • Wastewater project to save $2 million on energy

    A California city says upgrading facultative lagoons via an energy-savings performance contract (ESPC) will save 60% over the traditional design/bid/build process.

  • Agency attacks drought with $5 rebate

    Water-management agencies in California and other drought-stricken areas have to offer greater incentives than ever to encourage conservation. Here’s a unique approach from the Western Municipal Water District.

  • Cost-effective stormwater management

    This roofing system offers an economical alternative to storm water collection basins and associated land requirements.

  • Town chooses firm for water treatment expansion

    Pumping capacity will increase from 40 mgd to 56 mgd to meet needs of growing population.

  • Fast-drying steel water pipe coatings

    Combining the hydrophobic properties of epoxy with the durability of urethane, these four coatings exceed the minimum requirements of AWWA C222-08 (Polyurethane Coatings for the Interior and Exterior of Steel Water Pipe and Fittings).

  • 4 FREE water management resources

    Drought, flooding, toxic algae … if your agency isn’t dealing with a major water-related issue right now, consider yourself lucky.

  • Ohio water crisis: by the numbers

    Toledo, Ohio, Mayor D. Michael Collins drank a glass to prove the city's tap water is once again safe. But a look at the numbers has water managers nationwide asking whether this recently signed law goes far enough in helping them manage potentially deadly algae blooms.