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  • Worksite Hawk from Crossroads Manufacturing

    This live construction camera comes with free software that ignores animals, debris, and other innocuous objects so operators are notified only of real security threats.

  • Students learn GIS

    Geographic information system provider gives GIS users a chance to give back to their communities by mentoring students throughout the nation.

  • 930K small wheel loader from Caterpillar

    Like the other two updates to the company’s H Series, this machine’s Hystat control software gives operators four performance modes to choose from.

  • Software productivity solution

    PacifiCAD Inc., a foremost provider of design technology to the Pacific Northwest, has announced that it has entered into a partnership with Eagle Point Software, developer of the Pinnacle Series for Autodesk Solutions.

  • Power Suite workflow software

    Cummins Power Generation has released the newest version of its Power Suite power project sizing software.

  • System upgrade optimizes ATP measuring

    LumiCalc v.1.0.3 features a more condensed data entry portal, enhanced configurability and sample-points customization.

  • Multisource subsurface utility management

    Subsurface Utility Engineering geo-coordinates survey information, CAD data, GIS, Excel spreadsheets, and Oracle databases to identify and resolve conflicts between new construction features and existing utilities.

  • Surveying software automates basic functions

    Arrows that indicate the direction and number of observations for each network connection are among the new features the company added at users’ request.

  • Hach FSDATA desktop instrument manager software

    Hach Company Flow Products & Services is pleased to announce the release of the Hach FSDATA Desktop Instrument Manager software.

  • Software tracks 100 asset classes

    Algorithms, degradation profiles, and reporting structures for municipal use are all reflected in the program.