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    Prioritizing and paying for for a comprehensive repair program.

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    Public works departments may find themselves at both ends of the EPA's new effluent limitation guidelines for construction sites, both as permitting authorities and as site owners. It's time to explore the most preferred methodology for keeping jobsites clean.

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    A paving material that promises excellent performance, environmental benefits, and reduced cost, warm-mix asphalt (WMA) is generating enthusiasm among transportation managers. Though still largely confined to trial and demonstration projects in the United States, prospects seem favorable for it to...

  • Hello, Green Brick Road

    Chicago isn't the only “green” city in the Midwest (see “The trickle-down effect,” May 2007, page 36). In Warrenville, located 30 miles west of the Windy City, a plan to improve water quality has resulted in a new way of reconstructing the city's streets.

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