More stories about Roller-Compacted Concrete

  • Suburb self performs RCC

    An Illinois public works department saves money with roller-compacted concrete. The material achieves high strength more quickly than conventional concrete pavement mixes.

  • World of Concrete attendees see high-profile projects up close

    Three high-profile, world-class public works projects are all near Las Vegas.

  • Versatile reel mower

  • Paving Technology February 2008

    The latest equipment designed to meet your paving needs.

  • On a Roll

    As infrastructure managers look for ways to economize materials for pavement and water projects, an increasingly cost-effective choice is roller-compacted concrete (RCC).

  • Mixing it up

    Roller-compacted concrete (RCC) can be produced in any type of equipment that will provide uniform mixing of the cement, aggregates, and water

  • On a Roll

    Roller-compacted concrete (RCC) is just what it sounds like. This stiff, zero-slump concrete mixture can be placed with asphalt-type paving equipment and then compacted with rollers.

  • Automating asphalt compaction

    Virtually all roller manufacturers in the U.S. market are removing the art from asphalt compaction and making it more of a science. BOMAG Americas, the Hamm Compaction Division (Wirtgen America), Ammann America, and Sakai all offer some version of intelligent compaction.

  • Paving with roller compacted concrete

    This is the finest product for city streets to come along in years,” said Marty Savko of Nickolas Savko & Sons, Columbus, Ohio.

  • RCC: $20 to $25/ton less than asphalt for a base course

    The Village of Streamwood is in its fourth year of rebuilding residential streets with roller-compacted concrete (RCC) using its own crews and equipment. Long used to build dams and low-speed, heavy-duty pavements, Top-notch team effort, RCC is a zero-slump base that can be placed with a standard...