More stories about Roadways

  • How a Tennessee City Keeps Cyclists Safe

    In 2013, 743 bicyclists were killed and 48,000 injured on city streets, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). This little device could lower those statistics.

  • Crawler excavator from Gradall

    The Gradall XL 5200 V crawler excavator is the largest model in the Gradall fleet of machines designed for highway construction, high-productivity excavation, demolition and material movement as well as finished grading and sloping.

  • Road Rescue Asphalt Patch

    A ready-to-use mix you can pick up at Lowe’s and other retailers or buy by the truckload from the company.

  • TrafficPro – SignCAD and Roland Printer Cutter Does It ALL

    SignCAD Systems and Roland DGA have teamed up to provide a Turn-Key sign manufacturing solution for the traffic industry.

  • Ravel Check asphalt rejuvenator from Unique Paving Materials

    Ready-to-use liquid is designed to repair pavement that’s just beginning to deteriorate.

  • Electric tank-heating options from Process Heating Company

    PHCo’s electric Lo-Density Unitized Asphalt Storage Tank Heaters, Hot-oil Circulation Heaters, Drop-in Underground Tank Heaters and Rigid Tubular Drywell Distributor Truck Tank Heaters offer asphalt producers, contractors and municipalities 100% energy efficient heating.

  • Thin Is In in More Ways Than One

    As you read this, I'm at World of Asphalt in Nashville. A lot of educational sessions teach contractors how to help public customers (that's you) squeeze as much life as possible out of pavement. But I'm confused, and wonder if you have an answer.

  • Suicidal Deer sign saves lives

    Unusual road sign saves lives and cuts down of vehicle-deer collisions in a small central Illinois town.

  • Ever Heard of Cement-Treated Asphalt Base?

    If not, today's your lucky day. Read on to learn how the Utah DOT won this year's Triad Award, sponsored by Public Works, with an innovative way of recycling asphalt pavement.

  • Secrets of Municipal Pavement Champs

    Each dollar spent on keeping pavement in good to fair condition keeps street department from spending $4 to $5 on rehabilitation or reconstruction. That's a formula this award-winning California city knows well.