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  • A regional plan for seismic security

    What would you do if your 70-year-old water infrastructure crossed three of the nation's most active fault lines? In the first of two articles, we look at what a four-county water system is doing to ensure operations continue when the next earthquake hits.

  • Voter-supported growth

    Pay-to-play tax plan finances five years of road improvements.

  • Coalition to Obama: Five steps to smart infrastructure investment

    America 2050 -- Coalition of Leading Civic/Business/Environmental Organizations and Transportation Officials -- issues blueprint for infrastructure investment

  • Taking It In-house

    How two county engineers decide when it's more cost-effective to do their own repairs.

  • Switching Gears

    As the need for new infrastructure decreases, managers dedicate more dollars to rehabilitation. Click

  • The Buddy System

    Leverage your relationships when seeking financial aid.

  • Eliminate Guesswork

    Facing growing pressure to bring projects in on budget, transportation managers?such as those at the Jacksonville Transportation Authority (JTA)?have found that using off-the-shelf spreadsheet and database applications like Microsoft's Excel and Access are no longer robust enough to estimate the...

  • Warming Trend

    A paving material that promises excellent performance, environmental benefits, and reduced cost, warm-mix asphalt (WMA) is generating enthusiasm among transportation managers. Though still largely confined to trial and demonstration projects in the United States, prospects seem favorable for it to...

  • Drops in the Bucket

  • Ready or Not

    Context-sensitive design involves the input of all stakeholders so infrastructure projects can balance economic, social, and environmental objectives while meeting the needs of end users.