More stories about Pipes

  • Ductile iron pipe

    Pipe and valve provide restraint against separation due to thrust and requires no hardware.

  • Industrial piping system

    Polyethylene piping system is designed for harsh liquid chemical applications.

  • Chemical grout

    AV-100 low-viscosity gel creates long-lasting water barriers and superb soil stabilization.

  • Agru America, Inc. celebrates 25th anniversary

    Agru America, headquartered in Georgetown, South Carolina, has completed its 25th year in business.

  • The merits of Fusible PVC

    Fusible PVC is highly compatible with ductile iron, which facilitates connections and extensions. Here are two cases where it was used.

  • Schedule your free pipe demonstration

    A manufacturer of AWWA-C-303 bar-wrapped concrete cylinder pipe is giving municipal engineers and local public works groups a chance to work hands-on with the material.

  • February Pipe School features plant tours

    More than 300 professionals from across North America are set to gather at the American Concrete Pipe Association's 2014 Pipe School Feb. 11-14, 2014.

  • WEFTEC 2013 wrap-up

    A look at the Operator Ingenuity Contest winners from teh 86th Annual WEFTEC conference.

  • Cold-weather sewer correction

    Gray water had backed up into residential basements and heavy rain. The repair had to be made in the middle of winter.

  • AASHTO releases HDPE conduit standard

    Standard Practice R 63 applications include Intelligent Highway Systems (ITS), CCTV, and fiber optic cables along highway rights of way; SCADA pipeline control, and traffic control and monitoring.