More stories about Paving

  • Screed endgates

    Rather than replacing the entire endgate, the V3’s easy-on, easy-off platform saves asphalt paving time by allowing crews to quickly swap attachment shoes.

  • Asphalt compactor saves fuel

    Powered by a 20.2 hp automatic idle diesel engine that conserves fuel during inactivity, the BW90AD-5 is an ideal vibratory roller for small and medium asphalt projects.

  • Alternative to concrete risers

    The Whirlygig riser/collar system installs in less than 10 minutes and greatly facilitates quality control.

  • Crack sealer saves time

    The 10-gallon walk-behind unit heats sealant within 10 minutes.

  • Multidirectional concrete drill

    Concrete drill is ideal for airport projects, lane additions, and full-depth road repair.

  • Slipform, gutter machine controller

    iTerra is designed specifically for the unique needs of slipform curb and gutter machines.

  • Fibers strengthen asphalt

    Man-made fibers belong to a class of nylon-like synthetic polymers called aramids that are lightweight, yet extremely strong and heat-resistant.

  • Pothole patcher is trailer-mounted

    The DuraPatcher ECO features a heated 250-gal emulsion tank and ergonomic boom to carry the delivery hose and spray injection nozzle.

  • Mahole riser is reusable

    Featuring wedge-shaped spacers that bring manhole covers to grade even on uneven surfaces, Wiser Risers can be installed before or after repaving.

  • Asphalt compactors are fuel-efficient

    Operators dial compaction performance to match the thickness and required density of each lift.