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  • Public Works' 2014 Salary & Benefits Survey: Raises are coming back

    About a year after the Great Recession ended, Public Works began asking salary survey respondents if their pay had increased, decreased, or stayed the same. A little more than one-half reported salary freezes. Since then, however, we’ve seen steady increases (and decreases) in all the right places.

  • Public works training for city and county employees

    Illinois created a program to nurture future public works managers. Although it is designed for supervisors, it has value for public works personnel at all levels.

  • Vehicle washing strategies

    Is recycling vehicle washwater worth an extra $30,000?

  • 2014 Outlook: Albuquerque, N.M.

    Rather than float another add-on to the sales tax, we asked the county commissioners to require that franchises be renewed and commit the revenues to street rehab and preservation.

  • Teaching kids the importance of Public Works

    During Public Works Week, Lisa Sheltra planned a presentation and show-and-tell event for Williston’s two elementary schools.

  • Trendsetter: Chris Finberg

    Chris Finberg developed a process of treating asphalt with a hydrophobic sand mixture to avert water intrusion.

  • Best management policies for CGR

    How concrete grinding residue is managed varies across the country. It can be spread along adjacent slopes as the operation moves down the road. In some rural areas and areas with closed drainage systems, it's collected and hauled to a landfill.

  • Cartegraph acquires GovPartner

    Cartegraph has announced its acquisition of GovPartner, a Midwest-based company specializing in community development software for the public sector.

  • Why steel’s better than wood for utility poles

    A detailed life cycle assessment (LCA) study commissioned by the Steel Market Development Institute (SMDI) finds that when comparing overall environmental performance, galvanized steel utility poles outperform wood poles in key environmental measures.

  • Big Wipes + Big Industrial+ wipes

    Big Industrial+ wipes consist of dual-sided fabric premoistened with cleaner to remove stains and dried-on dirt from hands, tools, and surfaces.