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  • Why steel’s better than wood for utility poles

    A detailed life cycle assessment (LCA) study commissioned by the Steel Market Development Institute (SMDI) finds that when comparing overall environmental performance, galvanized steel utility poles outperform wood poles in key environmental measures.

  • Big Wipes + Big Industrial+ wipes

    Big Industrial+ wipes consist of dual-sided fabric premoistened with cleaner to remove stains and dried-on dirt from hands, tools, and surfaces.

  • What to do about Detroit's public works

    Detroit's street, water, wastewater, streetlight, and other infrastructure systems are three times the size they need to be for 700,000 residents.

  • NexTraq + Fleet tracking

    Based on GPS technology, this fleet tracking system equips public works managers with tools to help streamline fleet management, reduce costs and improve productivity in the field.

  • American Innotek + Brief Relief

    The Brief Relief disposable urinal bag provides a safe, convenient alternative when a bathroom is needed in the field, but none is available.

  • Rugged Outfitters + Carhartt sweatshirt

    This Carhartt high-visibility, Class-3 sweatshirt combines visibility and warmth during cold-weather working conditions.

  • APWA's 2013 Top 10 Public Works Leaders

    Profiles of the American Public Works Association's 2013 award recipients.

  • Thomas Montgomery: Cross trainer

    Thomas Montgomery has seen the population of Hastings, Minn., almost double.

  • Howard Lazarus: Peacemaker

    Austin, Texas, public works director strives to work with the community and influence the workforce.

  • Donald Jacobvitz: Example setter

    Putnam County, Fla., official believes public works touches the lives of every single person.