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  • Stormwater mitigation video

  • Towable mini-excavator

  • Philly builds park on top of pier

  • Philly builds park on top of pier

  • All-natural water treatment improves pools

  • Power of the Pump

    A community pool complex uses variable-frequency drives to save thousands in annual energy costs.

  • From Garbage to Gold

    For more than 20 years, the city of Portland, Ore.'s Office of Transportation (PDOT) has experimented with recycling techniques—collecting paper, composting leaves, recycling construction debris, etc. Their trials paid off in fiscal year 2006-07, to the tune of nearly $3.6 million.

  • Dung and disasters

    The EPA has altered the compost and fertilizer listings in the landscaping category. The measure stands to encourage local public works departments to get past previous concerns about the environmental friendliness of the practice, thereby increasing local landscaping options and, in some instances...

  • Judge Approves Use of Biosolids

    Overturning an earlier ban, a U.S. District Court has granted the city of Los Angeles and other agencies, businesses, and farmers the right to use biosolids for crop fertilization, landscaping, and other applications.

  • Turn waste into ‘black gold’

    Compost's benefits to soils are physical, chemical, and biological. Physical benefits include improved soil structure and improved moisture management (both higher moisture capacity and higher infiltration).