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  • Internet Interception

    After several failed attempts, federal legislation that would allow small cities and counties to provide their own high-speed Internet service is likely to become law.

  • PWPR

    For any public works employee experienced in presenting a controversial project or fielding service-related complaints, this is the question that eventually arises when contemplating the development of a public relations program. But upon further reflection, the answer has to be “yes” because in...

  • NYC politician finds landfill-inspired treat distasteful

    The ice cream is named after a landfill that New York City toted its refuse to for decades, until the facility was shuttered in 2001.

  • People wishy-washy on water

    An online poll indicates that people have mixed feelings when it comes to the taste and odor of their local public water.

  • Crude crud creates a craze

    Kids are fascinated by gross things; they also dig learning how stuff works. Combining the two, San Diego created an ingenious program to teach youngsters all about the gross and groovy world of sewers.

  • Tapping into LTAP

    Fortunately, the federal government realizes that local agencies need help to reduce crashes in their jurisdictions. Through the efforts of the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), many tools and programs have been developed to provide guidance to local agencies, including the Local Technical...