More stories about Grants

  • Damage-free analysis of 2,500 miles of pavement

    When no as-built construction plans or pavement condition information could be found, high-speed ground penetrating radar (GPR) was used to assess how asphalt and concrete county roads would handle heavy oil and gas drilling equipment.

  • Los Angeles awards lighting retrofit bid

    Los Angeles has selected  LEDioc Retrofit Kits from EYE Lighting to replace thousands of post-top and pendant HID lights.

  • Rand Corporation's Pittsburgh stormwater project aims to improve resilience

    Work intended to improve stormwater and climate resilience planning for Pittsburgh and the surrounding county is being undertaken by researchers from the RAND Corporation, supported by a one-time grant from the MacArthur Foundation.

  • Deadline for Keep America Beautiful grant apps is Feb. 6

    Keep America Beautiful has announced the availability of 2015 Cigarette Litter Prevention Program Grants to help communities combat the most commonly littered item in America.

  • It’s a New Year miracle! Get those projects ready!

    President Obama’s Dec. 16 signature gave the U.S. $1.1 trillion to live on in 2015. While funding for most federal programs that support infrastructure remained about the same, water and sewer managers should start identifying projects for a new funding program.

  • Worksite Hawk from Crossroads Manufacturing

    This live construction camera comes with free software that ignores animals, debris, and other innocuous objects so operators are notified only of real security threats.

  • Organizations Pledge Support, Align Resources with Urban Waters Federal Partnership

    The NGOs will align resources, funding, and expertise with federal efforts to restore urban waters and parks, increase outdoor recreation, and engage residents and youth.

  • Want help with elected officials? Ask IBM

    Suffolk County, N.Y., is using the company's Smarter Cities Challenge to solve an $8 billion problem created by Hurricane Sandy: groundwater contamination. Instead of money, though, IBM donates time and expertise in a full-court press on local officials to join in.

  • Cities receive recycling assistance through new program

    Columbia, S.C.; Florence, Ala.; and Richmond, Va., are the inaugural partners in a program that's expected to generate almost $13 million in economic value via more-effective curbside recycling.

  • Reducing Risk

    Four years ago, King County, Wash., implemented a project-assessment system that's reducing unpleasant cost and timeline surprises on multimillion-dollar public works projects.