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    Battle tough times with strong philosophies and decision-making.

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  • The domino effect

    You know money's tight when police and fire have to fight for their share of general revenues. Just five years ago, state and local tax revenues experienced the largest single-year increase in 15 years; and National League of Cities members were least likely to cut public safety services to close a...

  • Getting around the lowest-cost imperative when hiring consultants

    Both client and consultant know that the method for contracting professional services is broken, but only the client pays the price.

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    Fallout from free-wheeling financing hits government coffers with a double whammy. The false promise of easy money earns a berth on our fifth annual Trendsetters list.

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    Five ways to promote a rate increase (hint: think of yourself as a campaign-finance manager).

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  • Locked Out

    Ten years ago, security at most mid-sized water treatment plants was little more than a locked door. Today, water and wastewater utilities are doing their best to protect the vulnerabilities of systems that spread out over literally millions of miles.