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  • Peterbilt 220 in full production

    The first new Peterbilt medium-duty cabover Model 220–featuring numerous enhancements to performance, durability, and the operating environment–rolled off the assembly line in Mexico.

  • Detroit solves streetlighting problem

    Nearly one-third of the city’s street lights are broken. To save money while also ensuring public safety, the Detroit Public Lighting Authority has completed a pilot LED streetlighting program and is moving forward with another 5,000 installations.

  • Accessible signs should not discriminate

    The sign itself does bring about a negative connotation and the code does not require that.

  • Outdoor floodlighting

  • Kansas DOT: Think reauthorization

  • Large or small

    My home is on a dirt road about a mile outside of the tiny town of Lyons, Colo. My “neighbors” are an independent bunch who raise goats and build their own homes. Typical of people who live in the country, far from cities and towns, they are relatively self-sufficient. We have our own...