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  • Progressive Partnerships

  • Highway Agency Gets into Social Networking

  • Environmentally Sensitive Solution Honored

  • The Replacements

    As baby boomers retire, public agencies must transform themselves into employers of choice for the next generation.

  • Governor Plans to Terminate Engineer Shortage

    Schwarzenegger announces a proposal to bring thousands of new engineers to state jobs in California.

  • Unpleasant Surprises

    Three years ago, Cambridge, Mass., made a smart move: it started swapping the incandescent bulbs on its 136 traffic lights with LEDs, slashing its electricity bill. But there was a problem that traffic engineer Jeff Parenti and his team couldn't have foreseen. . .

  • Tinkering with the future

    Back when actor John Ratzenberger was a youngster, playtime was a hands-on experience. Barring a blizzard or other weather catastrophe, he and his friends would be outside most days, playing ball or riding their bikes. Other days, he would tinker.

  • Ripple effect

  • Smart Sign Inventory Works for Nashville

    Session: A Sign of the Times? Nashville's Automated Sign Inventory with Donald Reid, right of way manager, Nashville; and Clifton Ogden, senior vice president, Civic Engineering and IT Inc., Nashville.

  • Public works pitches in

    On May 18, the public works department of Wichita deployed its first "care package" of 66 volunteers, 26 dump trucks, four loaders, two tele-handlers, one excavator, six skidsteers, and numerous power and hand tools, to assist with the removal and disposal of branches, garbage, and other debris.