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  • Ripple effect

  • Smart Sign Inventory Works for Nashville

    Session: A Sign of the Times? Nashville's Automated Sign Inventory with Donald Reid, right of way manager, Nashville; and Clifton Ogden, senior vice president, Civic Engineering and IT Inc., Nashville.

  • Public works pitches in

    On May 18, the public works department of Wichita deployed its first "care package" of 66 volunteers, 26 dump trucks, four loaders, two tele-handlers, one excavator, six skidsteers, and numerous power and hand tools, to assist with the removal and disposal of branches, garbage, and other debris.

  • Name Your Price

    Two trends are converging to enable upwardly mobile infrastructure managers to command higher salaries and more control over the scope of their responsibilities

  • Oily Decisions

    For the first time in memory, two grades of oil for diesel engines are on the market. Should you purchase the older CI-4 Plus, the newer CJ-4 for engines with 2007 emissions controls, or stock both?

  • Proof positive

    A recent study of Seattle's Interstate 90 floating bridge proved the feasibility of adding a light rail transit system atop the structure.

  • Career paths

    With our public works experts retiring or moving on to second careers, we all know there will be a shortage of experts in the not-so-distant future. By taking a high school or college student under your wing, you can mentor the public works officials of the future.

  • Success in the sewer

    As Reno, Nevada, grew over the past decade, the strain on its municipal sewage system grew as well. That's when the city's sanitation engineering division stepped in.

  • Warm mix: the push is on

    Industry professionals are putting warm-mix asphalt to the test in an effort to fast-track the environmentally-friendly substance to mainstream use.

  • A woman's place is in the field

    Ethyl Ann Hansen joined the California DOT (Caltrans) in the 1960s, at a time when the position most commonly held by women at the agency was secretary. Hansen, on the other hand, was an engineer. She spent her career improving transportation in the San Francisco Bay area. Forty years later, the...