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  • Watchful eye

    City avoids $500,000 in illegal discharge fines with real-time flow monitoring at more than 100 sites

  • Designing pervious

    A Minnesota city eschews storm drains for pervious streets.

  • When two utilities become one

    Three major initiatives, conducted simultaneously, avert “merger mania” by maximizing connections and minimizing disruption.

  • Fun With Fats

    Influence behavior by personalizing the damage that cooking residues cause.

  • Cutting Off Sediment at the Source

    Public works departments may find themselves at both ends of the EPA's new effluent limitation guidelines for construction sites, both as permitting authorities and as site owners. It's time to explore the most preferred methodology for keeping jobsites clean.

  • Deflect defects

    Pinpoint the problems with a sanitary sewer evaluation study.

  • Entrepreneurial expansion

    Managers in Southern California combat drought by enhancing their product portfolio.

  • EPA stormwater rule changes on horizon

  • Mapping recovery

    Geodatabase helps city secure $100 million in federal disaster aid.

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    Products from the APWA Show