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  • Alter Ego

  • Just a Click Away

    Software that aids design and product selection.

  • Designing Bridges for Durability

    New materials and thoughtfuldesign can reduce bridge maintenanceand facilitate inspection.

  • Process of elimination

    Like every infrastructure manager trying to capitalize on the benefits of trenchless construction, Matt Carter went through a process of elimination to determine what method works best for his agency's unique situation.

  • Clear as mud

    If clarifying a detail is as easy as reading a note on the construction plan sheet, why do contractors make so many requests for information?

  • To Err is Human

    What to make of the news that the Aug. 1 collapse of the bridge carrying I-35 over the Mississippi River in Minneapolis was due to human error?

  • Ready or Not

    Context-sensitive design involves the input of all stakeholders so infrastructure projects can balance economic, social, and environmental objectives while meeting the needs of end users.

  • Smart scanning

  • Fostering future engineers

    The U.S. EPA has awarded $420,000 in grants to 42 student teams to research and develop sustainable environmental solutions.

  • City park design

    The Studio City Greenway at Studio City, Calif., was designed in March 2002 by NUVIS Landscape Architecture and Planning of Orange County, Calif. It is one of many parks being created along the Los Angeles River Basin as part of the basin's revitalization master plan.