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  • Asphalt versus concrete

    The debate goes on: Which is better, concrete or asphalt? While there is no cut-and-dried answer, a smart public works official will consider the following questions before selecting a material for the next road project: Which pavement option is better for my specific application?

  • New York City constructs third water tunnel

  • San Diego dedicates new reservoir

  • World of Concrete's most innovative products

    Computer equipment, construction software, construction tools, and more -- the most innovative products of 2007, chosen from the thousands on display at the World of Concrete trade show, held Jan. 2007 in Las Vegas.

  • Paving with roller compacted concrete

    This is the finest product for city streets to come along in years,” said Marty Savko of Nickolas Savko & Sons, Columbus, Ohio.

  • Pervious pavement naturally absorbent

    Pervious pavement is a design alternative that allows water to percolate through the pavement structure and into underlying soils—an achievement that directly conflicts with even lecture on traditional pavement design delivered in universities across the country.

  • Lightening up concrete pipe

  • Poking a hole in manhole cover thieves' plans

    Thieves can be a bold, resourceful lot. They swipe Subarus in broad daylight, pilfer pants in the midst of crowded malls, and make off with makeup in busy department stores. These crimes cost retailers and citizens billions of dollars annually. A recent trend in theft, however, poses a threat to...

  • Trucks help keep soldiers safe

  • Getting tough on graffiti

    More than two years after the completion of an important Los Angeles public works project, the contributions of a chemical manufacturer continue to contribute to the city's landscape. The manufacturer developed a solution that helped save the city $17.2 million and create a graffiti-free zone in...