More stories about Concrete

  • Engineering Wonders

    San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge may be one of the most recognizable in the world, but the following bridges have their own awe-inspiring features.

  • Above the Deluge

    Precast concrete buildings stand above the alternatives in flood-prone areas.

  • Taking It In-house

    How two county engineers decide when it's more cost-effective to do their own repairs.

  • Concrete industry capitalizes on rising oil prices

  • Fixing Loose Joints

    Transfer traffic loads over concrete to eliminate differential movement.

  • Short Loads

    Tow behind mixers offer savings over ready-mixed concrete

  • Designing Bridges for Durability

    New materials and thoughtfuldesign can reduce bridge maintenanceand facilitate inspection.

  • Iron Constitution

    One of the nation's largest tipping floors cuts repair time in half.

  • Campaign Touts Plastic Pipe

    In 2007, Cascade, Idaho, began to replace its entire crack-ridden concrete, steel, and cast iron drinking water system with high density polyethylene (HDPE) pipe. The leaky system was taking its toll on residents, who paid $2.50/1,000 gallons of water in 2007—up from 73 cents in 1993.

  • Composite Bridge Passes Tough Test

    A full-size locomotive pulling 26 heavy-axle-load coal cars has traversed the world's first composite railroad bridge, opening up the possibility that the corrosion-resistant material is just as viable an option as concrete and steel beams for highway bridges.