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  • Future of highway reauthorization unclear

  • SCS to build gas recovery system at Georgia landfill

  • Capitol infusion

    A federal commission's report urges lawmakers to spur transportation infrastructure funding by providing state and local governments with quicker access to cash.

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    Get the best price on used assest with online auctions.

  • Nowhere else to turn?

    The executive director of America Moving Forward (AMF)—a nonprofit coalition devoted to promoting solutions to the infrastructure crisis currently plaguing the country—believes U.S. infrastructure is in a sorry state, and he believes he has the solution.

  • Bacteria in the Bayous

    In urban waterways, bacteria can come from many sources: storm-water runoff, illicit discharges, wildlife, leaking septic systems, sanitary sewer overflows, stream sediments, wastewater effluent, topsoil, and leaking sanitary sewer systems. Some contribute pollutants during dry weather and some...

  • Sewer District Cuts $8 Million from Long-Term Control Plan

    Building completely separate pipelines for wastewater and stormwater is an enormously expensive proposition for which federal funds are generally unavailable, and most EPA consent decrees allow just 20 years to pay off the bonds they issue to raise money.

  • Farewell to the highway trust fund?

    Two recently formed commissons are looking at ways to shore up revenue for the perennially underfunded federal program that states, counties, and cities rely on to pay for road construction and improvements.

  • Phase II: Now what?

    Your municipality is in the midst of its first NPDES Phase II permit. What should you expect for the next one?