More stories about Cleaning

  • The ROTO PAC automated side-loader collection truck

    This fully automated side-loader organics collection truck is the first mobile compactor with a leak-proof truck body that packs with the rotary action of an auger instead of a traditional packing panel.

  • WRRDA provides for water, sewer, and waterway projects

    The Water Resources Development Act’s recent reauthorization gives local water and sewer authorities two much-needed things: more influence on federal projects that affect their constituents and a new financing option.

  • Bearings fail for many reasons

    Most bearing failures are related to lubrication and contamination. Here are some myths and misconceptions.

  • Foam wire pulling lubricant

    Klein Tools introduces Foam Wire Pulling Lubricant, a no mess, no hassle alternative to traditional gel or wax lubricants.

  • First-of-its-kind stormwater crediting system

    Steal this idea: Minnesota’s analyzed how planting trees factors into meeting pollution permit goals.

  • Reconfigurable ride-on mower

    Brush cutter’s shaft-driven cutter head means there’s no belt or pulley maintenance to contend with and the swing-away deck cover is easy to clean.

  • Honda string trimmer

    For homeowner and commercial trimming needs, the HHT25SLTA Honda string trimmer provides ample power and torque.

  • DOW Filmtec Seamaxx reverse osmosis elements

    Launched in Americas at the CaribDA 2014 Conference & Exposition, the new DOW Filmtec Seamaxx Reverse Osmosis elements help reduce the high amount of energy typically needed to create freshwater from saltwater.

  • Wacker Neuson Honda-powered rammers

    Wacker Neuson has expanded its popular vibratory rammer line to include two models powered by a four-cycle Honda engine.  The BS 50-4As and BS 60-4As are equipped with a 3.2-hp GX 100 Honda engine.

  • At long last: new water funding

    Water and sewer construction and rehabilitation projects expected to cost $20 million are eligible for funding through a new federal program. In communities with less than 25,000 people, $5 million projects are eligible.