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  • DOW Filmtec Seamaxx reverse osmosis elements

    Launched in Americas at the CaribDA 2014 Conference & Exposition, the new DOW Filmtec Seamaxx Reverse Osmosis elements help reduce the high amount of energy typically needed to create freshwater from saltwater.

  • Wacker Neuson Honda-powered rammers

    Wacker Neuson has expanded its popular vibratory rammer line to include two models powered by a four-cycle Honda engine.  The BS 50-4As and BS 60-4As are equipped with a 3.2-hp GX 100 Honda engine.

  • Engineers applaud $12.3 billion U.S. water bill

    American Society of Civil Engineers President Randy Over calls the long-overdue renewal of the Water Resources Development Act, which expired in 2007, "a defining moment for the nation's ports, inland waterways, dams, levees, and clean water infrastructure." The bill is good for the next 10 years.

  • At long last: new water funding

    Water and sewer construction and rehabilitation projects expected to cost $20 million are eligible for funding through a new federal program. In communities with less than 25,000 people, $5 million projects are eligible.

  • Parks division puts community first

    The South Brunswick Township's Parks Division steps up its game to get the parks ready for summer fun.

  • Do-it-yourself carburetor cleaning

    With some basic tools, a shop towel, and a couple of hours, you can clean your engines' carburetors yourself and save time and money.

  • EPA's contentious Clean Power Plan

    According to EPA, seven of the 10 warmest years on record have occurred since 1998, East Coast sea levels are rising, and both tropical storms and wildfires are more prevalent. Released Monday, the agency's proposed rules for ameliorating climate change cuts power plant carbon dioxide emissions 30%...

  • DBO water contracts increasingly popular

    At least three West Coast cities are using design-build-operate (DBO) to deliver critical water and sewer upgrades. The methodology is also popular with engineering awards judges.

  • High-pressure wheel-washing

    Wheel-washing protects snow-and-ice control equipment and minimizes the spread of invasive plants.

  • Spray-injection patcher

    Clean pavement with compressed air, apply tack coat, spray-inject emulsion/aggregate mix, finish with dry aggregate, and open the road.