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  • Airport update overruns approach $220 million

    With only $37 million in contingency funds, more debt may need to be issued to finish updating Dallas/Fort Worth Airport's 39-year-old terminals – a project originally estimated at $2.3 billion.

  • Bridges in bad shape despite increased investment

    Despite heroic efforts to fund long-term repair and replacement, 65,605 bridges are "structurally deficient," 21,000 are "fracture critical," and 8,000 are classified as both. Download the free app to access all the data from ASCE's latest infrastructure "Report Card" for details regarding your...

  • Video: Three new quick-fix pothole repair materials

    Aquaphalt, Unique Paving Materials, and Hole Patch are environmentally friendly and can be carried in bags or buckets in a truck. (The Boston Globe is a paid-subscription site.)

  • Will this law stop conflict of interest on public works projects?

    Spurred by investigations of recent public works projects, California Gov. Jerry Brown has signed into law a bill requiring new oversight openness.

  • THIS is how to increase federal funding

    U.S. Army Corps of Engineers project funding hasn't been reauthorized since 2007. The House Transportation Committee is using a variety of tactics — including a "Schoolhouse Rock"-type video — to explain why the average American should care.

  • Will this road-rehab idea work?!

    This expressway was built for 70,000 vehicles a day but carries 200,000. Instead of completely rebuilding the road, a Canadian architect wants to protect it with a green roof.

  • Residents say no to gravel roads

    Trucking equipment into fracking sites is pulverizing 83 miles of Texas road. The state wants to convert those roads to gravel for cost and safety reasons, but residents won't have it.

  • EPA proposes electronic Clean Water Act reporting

    The agency estimates that eliminating paper will save National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System administrators $29 million annually. The comment period ends Oct. 28.

  • Solid waste authority caught incinerating yard waste

    Here's what can happen when you launch a recycling program before knowing exactly what equipment is necessary.

  • Exposed: America's totally inconsistent parking requirements

    Parking policies differ from city to city and venue to venue. This Atlantic Cities article details eye-opening infographics from Architect Seth Goodman, that illustrate how and why minimum parking requirement regulations of major U.S. cities are so varied.