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  • Very cool VIDEO: time-lapsed bridge jacking

    Remember that section of Washington State bridge that collapsed? It was replaced in 19 hours using long steel rails, Teflon pads, and hydraulic jacks. The deck is the DOT's first use of high-strength, lightweight concrete (8,500 psi).

  • The Weekly Watch List: 3 videos you NEED to see

    See what the mayor of Nashville, Tenn., says about how stormwater investment is paying off, and find out where new, higher, speed limits have been approved.

  • Ohio prison, EPA launch composting program

    Thanks to a new composting program, the Noble Correctional Facility's saving on two expenses: landscaping and gardening material, and transportation and landfill tipping fees.

  • McDonald's opts for paper instead of plastic

    McDonald's is switching to double-walled fiber hot cups at all 14,000 U.S. locations, but is the world's largest fast food franchise going far enough?

  • VIDEO: Ka-BOOM! World's largest stormwater reservoir prepares for 2015 debut

    A Hanson Material Service quarry is one of two quarries that will become part of the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago's Deep Tunnel. The "tunnel" is actually a series of flood-control projects begun in the late 1970s and scheduled for completion in 2029 that has (so far)...

  • The Weekly Watch List: must-see videos

    Find out how Rhode Island locales are making money by recycling, and which are the top states for fluoride water.

  • 20 U.S. cities with the worst roads

    More than one-quarter of interstates, freeways, and other arterial routes in areas with 500,000 or more people are in substandard condition, costing the average driver $377 annually. Is your city on the list?

  • The Weekly Watch List: videos you won't want to miss

    Find out how CDs might be the secret to cleaning waste water and why a Wisconsin bridge is now closed for investigation.

  • Will this unusual concrete mix work?

    The Missouri DOT will be using sensors to monitor how well high-strength self-consolidating concrete performs for the girders and support structure of a Jefferson City bridge opening soon.

  • Brain-eating amoeba kills 4-year-old boy

    Following the death of a young boy, one Louisiana parish is flushing water lines with chlorine in an effort to  destroy any remaining  Naegleria fowleri. What would you do if this unusual parasite turned up in your operation's water supply?