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  • Leased to the highest bidder!

  • PM worth its weight in gold

    It's cheaper to avert repairs than wait until they're necessary. By implementing a preventive maintenance plan, two very different departments reduced traffic signal failures and lowered life-cycle cost.

  • Trash-talking man

    Dennis Hein is a third-generation trash man, following in the footsteps of his father and grandfather.

  • Landfill construction triggers debate

    Despite protest from residents and town employees, Holly Springs, N.C., will be home to a new landfill, the first in the state since 2004.

  • Construction aches and pains

    These tips will keep the road smooth and the customer satisfied.

  • Envisioning the future water and wastewater utility

    For American water and wastewater utilities, change is inevitable and unrelenting. Although their fundamental responsibility remains to provide safe, reliable, affordable, and secure systems that protect public health, the environment, and quality of life, changes in society and the global business...

  • Public works vet turns little problem into big idea

  • Industry, government partner on EMS project

  • The quest for Mayberry

    Most public works directors and other local government employees that have pursued a career in this field have at one time or another began what I like to call a "Quest for Mayberry." Perhaps a better way of putting it is a quest for a utopian society, but being a big fan of the Andy Griffith show...

  • Added value

    In the other half of my life, I am editor of CONCRETE CONSTRUCTION magazine. In that role, I have to keep in touch with the issues that weigh on the minds of concrete contractors—things like finding and keeping good employees, managing projects to stay on schedule, and struggling to control quality...