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  • Federal oversight costs $1.8 trillion a year

    Federal regulations of things like air and water pollution total 23% of the average $65,596 household income. Is our government out of control?

  • Energy boom brings more than construction

    Imagine having to plan water and sewer systems that meet the needs of a population that will increase by a factor of 10 (yes, you've read that correctly) in seven years. That's what public works managers in Waterford City, N.D., and other towns that lie above shale oil fields are facing.

  • Deadly mudslide: city failed to act on warnings

    The death toll from the tiny hamlet of Oso, Wash., a "census-designated place," continues to rise. This article, about a similar tragedy in Utah, shows the difficulty the public has in distinguishing between public and private responsibility in fatal infrastructure failures.

  • Alaska debates another 'Bridge to Nowhere'

    The state's looking for funding sources other than earmarks to build a $900 million bridge in Anchorage. The owner has already implemented ground-breaking research on a whale species that would be impacted by the Knik Arm Bridge, a project you can read about here.

  • Highway program faces $4 billion shortfall

    Congress has been asked to approve a four-year, $302 billion surface transportation bill before MAP-21, the current program, expires on Sept. 30. Even that's not enough to cover existing obligations, says the Congressional Budget Office.

  • Boring machine to be offline for a year (video)

    Bertha, the huge machine drilling a highway tunnel below downtown Seattle, struck an obstruction earlier this year and was shut down. Even so, the project will meet the Washington State DOT's completion deadline.

  • Bill would make stimulus funding program permanent

    Five years ago the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act introduced state and local governments to a bond program that's financed more than $181 billion in public infrastructure projects. This bill would save Build America Bond issuers from sequestration and other legislative shenanigans.

  • Spring weather outlook: floods and drought

    The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's Spring Outlook identifies temperature, precipitation, and drought expectations from April through June.

  • Water partners award contracts for $2.3 billion project

    Three engineering firms will move from subcontractors to program-management support on the Tarrant Regional Water District and Dallas Water Utilities integrated pipeline, which is designed to double the amount of water available to the region.

  • VIDEO: World's longest lateral bridge slide

    Workers in Indiana and Kentucky used eight computer-controlled hydraulic jacks to move a half-mile segment from one set of piers to another. The work is part of a bridge replacement and high-occupancy vehicle program scheduled for completion in 2016.