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  • U.S. House Rejects $325B Highway Bill Amendment

    The trucking and railway industries have fought for years over the legal weight of commercial trucks. The latter won this round when an amendment that would have increased allowable weight by 14% was shot down.

  • OSHA Could Increase Fines by 82%

    OSHA hasn't changed its fines structure since 1990. If the agency aligns them with the Consumer Price Index, a violation formerly worth $7,000 would be $12,740.

  • City to Fire Up World's Largest Gasification Unit

    Gasification turns biomass-based material into synthetic fuel gas without incineration. In a deal with PHG Energy, a Tennessee public works department will reuse tens of thousands of tons of sewer sludge, used tires, and wood waste.

  • Sinkhole (Almost) Devours IHOP Pancake House

    A sinkhole half the size of a football field swallowed an estimated 15 vehicles parked outside a just-opened International House of Pancakes restaurant in Meridian, Miss.

  • Super-Strong Bridge Should Last 5 Times Longer

    Ultra-high performance concrete is supposedly maintenance-free and lasts up to 200 years. A county roads department installed the bridge because contractors were at a loss on how to bid on the relatively new technology.

  • Teen Truckers, Coming to An Interstate Near You

    Industry lobbyists have gotten provisions into the highway bill that safety groups say will make the roads more dangerous.

  • Bad News: Roads Aren't Ready for Driverless Cars

    Will THIS be the development that finally ponies up money for street and highway upgrades? Autonomous cars will be available by 2020 but less than 10% of cities have considered the ramifications for local roadways.

  • Water Utility Still Trying to Vanquish Brain-Eating Amoeba

    Two years ago, a 4-year-old boy died from a Naegleria fowleri infection. Drinking water officials thought they'd eliminated any threat by treating supplies with high levels of chlorine. They were wrong.

  • Public Comment Open on Proposed FHWA Design Changes

    The agency's plan to streamline National Highway System design criteria would make it much easier to incorporate local priorities into projects. Public comment is open until Dec. 7, 2015.

  • If Yale University Says So, It Must Be True

    University researchers have confirmed EPA's determination earlier this year that hydraulic fracturing doesn't contaminate drinking water. But there's one caveat to this hotly debated issue.