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  • Why contractors should NEVER assume anything

    The mystery over what was blocking the Washington State DOT's Big Bertha tunnel boring machine is solved: a steel pipe that was buried more than a decade ago by a state groundwater study.

  • Water utility cited in chemical spill lawsuits

    At least 25 lawsuits have been filed since 4-MCHM, a combination of methylcyclohexane and methanol, was found leaking into the Elk River. Some claim West Virginia-American Water was negligent in detecting the toxins.

  • AEA Investors LP completes acquisition of Siemens Water Technologies

    Private equity firm closes on agreement to acquire Siemens Water Technologies municipal, industrial and services operations.

  • Water utility caught in border dispute

    You think you've got problems? Imagine not knowing exactly which state your pumps are supposed to be in.

  • Sold! Sarah Palin's former city vehicle

    The public works department in the City of Wasilla, Alaska, got five times the vehicle's Kelley Blue Book value on eBay.

  • VIDEO File: Public Works' 2013 Highlight Reel

    A look back at 2013's five most-popular video headlines.

  • VIDEO: smart snow removal, or a dead-end plan?

    Public works leaders in Kansas City have announced that dead-end streets and cul-de-sacs will likely be last on the list for snowplowing, because of prior problems with plows getting stuck.

  • VIDEO: Close-up on the new San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge East span

    San Francisco recently celebrated the completion of the $6.4 billion San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge construction project. Here's a look at some of the highlights.

  • VIDEO: body parts found at water treatment plant

    What’s the most gruesome thing your crews have found out in the field?

  • Breakthroughs in bridge design

    Bridge designers and engineers are about to start applying the advanced modeling techniques, materials, and analyses that architects use to conceptualize innovative and functional buildings.