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  • 27 states sue EPA over Clean Water Act 'expansion'

    For decades, local and federal regulators have argued over what constitutes a 'water of the U.S.,' even asking the U.S. Supreme Court to weigh in. With its latest ruling, states say EPA's overstepped its bounds and are taking action.

  • Seven super-cool public parking facilities

    These award-winning programs show what happens when the need to stash vehicles while people are shopping, eating, and play is considered an asset instead of a liability.

  • Joint venture to tackle $1B bridge replacement

    Also known as the Potomac River Bridge, the Harry W. Nice Memorial Bridge's two lanes are only 11 feet wide each with no shoulder. To alleviate congestion and enhance safety, the Maryland Transportation Authority is replacing the continuous truss structure.

  • Public utility busts actor Tom Selleck for stealing water

    The Calleguas Municipal Water District in drought-stricken California paid a private investigator $20,000 to prove the "Magnum, P.I." and "Blue Bloods" television star has been watering his 60-acre ranch by (illegally) tapping into a local fire hydrant.

  • The greatest engineering feat you've never heard of

    Before Columbus discovered the New World, South American engineers built a 4,000-mile mountainous roadway without a single arch. Portions of the Capac Ñan network, which runs from Columbia to Chile, are still used.

  • An overnight engineering success after 84 years

    Fred Ogden says his team's new model for predicting groundwater movement is more reliable and less complex than Lorenzo Richards' famous 1931 equation.

  • Incredible Photos Tell The Story Of The Hoover Dam

    Construction of the Hoover Dam began on July 7, 1930, marking the beginning of the creation of one of the largest manmade structures in the world.

  • Body found In remote pump station

    Here's why you might want to think about doing maintenance check-ups more than twice a year.

  • Maybe they should've flushed 'em down the toilet instead

    Canadians release unwanted goldfish in local waterways, where the invasive species has no natural predators and the former pets grow to gigantic proportions.

  • Surf's up! (4 miles inland)

    Austin's NLand Surf Park will be housed in a man-made lagoon, where waves replenished by rainwater will crest at 1, 4, and 6 feet. The entire project's expected to take eight months to complete.