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  • Aging Pipes Imperil Drinking Water Nationwide

    EPA says $384 billion needs to be invested over the next 15 years to repair aging drinking water systems. American Water Works Association says the correct figure is $1 trillion. Regardless, the nation's pipelines are in sorry shape.

  • Deductibles Rising Much Faster than Americans' Pay

    The average employee pays $1,318 out of his or her pocket before health insurance coverage kicks in. That's six times more than a decade ago.

  • Student Engineers Build World's Longest Toy Bridge

    Students at the Queen's University in Belfast unveiled the largest Meccano structure on Saturday: a huge bridge crossing Clarendon Dock.

  • Reservoir Could Cost 174% More Than Estimated

    Portland's plan to build a new underground drinking water reservoir and reflecting pool will cost at least $100 million more than initially estimated.

  • Inspectors Find Dozens of Rail Bridges Need Repair

    State and local inspectors declared 71 -- one in five -- of the rail bridges that span Minnesota's roadways structurally deficient. It's a record worse than that of the state's highway bridges.

  • North America's First Concrete Immersed-Tube Tunnel

    The Virginia Department of Transportation has doubled capacity of the Midtown Tunnel by deploying a design used extensively across Europe. Instead of just encasing a steel tube in concrete, the tunnel is made entirely of concrete.

  • What Public Works Project Managers Need to Know

    It is no secret to any A/E/C firm that has worked in both the public and private sector, that they are two completely different "animals."

  • Utility Fights Drought with One-Two Punch

    California water departments have been ordered to reduce consumption by 32%. While some are fining customers for illegal water use, this one is helping customers spot leaks and other excesses via wireless metering technology.

  • Engineers Unscramble Tunneling Puzzle

    The 1,000-ton tunnel boring machine that was used on London's Crossrail project is no longer needed. The trick is taking "Victoria" apart and bringing her to the surface.

  • Happy 60th Birthday, Ohio Turnpike!

    If you think the asphalt-vs.-concrete dispute is a recent phenomenon, guess again. Sixty years ago, construction of the 160-mile concrete road was delayed when an asphalt contractor filed a lawsuit.