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  • VIDEO: This bridge is gonna blow

    Engineers in San Francisco prepare to demolish what was once the world's longest cantilever bridge, a $300 million project that should take several years. "We're taking it down 95% in the reverse order it was built," says one.

  • New from EPA: free discharge mapping tool

    It provides help in filling out the required receiving waters information in a Notice of Intent for a Construction General Permit or Multi-Sector General Permit.

  • It's Work Zone Safety Awareness Week!

    Ten years ago a Virginia DOT district kicked off construction season with a week-long focus on employee safety. Today, this national event is credited with lowering worker fatalities almost 40 percent. Click here for recent stats.

  • Why projects cost more than they should

    Seven federal policies that drive up the cost of our streets, roads, and bridges.

  • VIDEO: Bridge owner penalizes contractor for safety lapses

    The New York State Thruway Authority is withholding $1 million in monthly progress payments from the consortium building the new Tappan Zee bridge.

  • What Walk Score DOESN'T include in 'walkability'

    Homeowners want communities where they can hoof it. The Walk Score service assigns a numerical score to any North American address, but the company's "walkability" formula doesn't factor in whether or not there are sidewalks or how many lanes of traffic must be crossed to reach a destination.

  • Public works responds to California's 5.1 earthquake

    Pavement, retaining walls, and pipelines are being repaired after March 28's 5.1-magnitude quake in Southern California. The damage is nothing, however, compared to what could have happened.

  • Four teams vie for state bridge contract

    Up to 650 structures in Pennsylvania could need replacement. The PennDOT contract would also include 30 years of maintenance.

  • World's first 'intelligent' intersection

    London's Pedestrian Split Cycle Offset Optimization Technique (SCOOT) is part of the city's 10-year plan to lower traffic fatalities 40% by 2020. Estimated cost: $3.3 billion to $6.6 billion.

  • Amusement park ride or train station?

    Trying to free up space for multimodal transportation efforts? The "hyper-speed vertical transit hub" upends station, platform, and tracks.