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  • How valuable are formal programs?

    Most of you think using technology to oversee infrastructure is a good idea, but less than half have an asset-management program.

  • Flow-based surrogates in TMDLs

    Is EPA backing down on using surrogates or buying time to continue examining the issue?

  • Fleet cost management

    Rightsizing should be a part of every replacement cycle’s evaluation process.

  • City reports 30% road salt use reduction

    Lowell, the fourth-largest city in Massachusetts attributes the historic salt savings to Cirus SpreadSmart Rx spreader controls installed on its snowplow trucks—and anticipates more savings this winter.

  • It’s a New Year miracle! Get those projects ready!

    President Obama’s Dec. 16 signature gave the U.S. $1.1 trillion to live on in 2015. While funding for most federal programs that support infrastructure remained about the same, water and sewer managers should start identifying projects for a new funding program.

  • Is asset management a load of crap?

    Before all you software, equipment, and consulting companies that serve the public works market have a fit over that question, please: Let me explain.

  • Disasters destroy $150B of infrastructure annually

    A study of the Canada, Germany, U.S., and United Kingdom insurance industries shows that only resilient infrastructure coupled with development reforms will mitigate the effects of climate change on the built environment.

  • How to save 25% on a wayfinding program

    Not involving public works from the beginning will increase costs.

  • FREE webinar on alternative revenue sources

    An American Public Works Association leadership trainer interviews public works leaders who’ve identified and implemented programs that are enabling their teams to do more with less.

  • Future solid waste scenarios

    A rural Arizona county's public works professionals evaluate future solid waste service scenarios, costs, and financing options.