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    With improvements in hybrid technology and higher-than-average gas prices, the greatest potential for fuel savings may be in Class 3 through 5 vehicles. As is any vehicle using a power take-off (PTO), they're well suited for hybrid technology.

  • Give Blind Spots a Brake

    Anyone who has tried to back up a truck using only the side mirrors knows visibility can be an issue. Evolving automotive safety technologies have produced safety features ranging from seatbelts to improved tire traction. Now, a new development uses established technologies prevent accidents while...

  • Chemical warfare

    Equipment operating on highways and streets that have been treated with deicing chemicals is susceptible to rust and corrosion as never before.

  • Managing your PM program— cost-effectively

    To make preventive maintenance (PM) cost effective, you need to strike a balance. Service intervals should be short enough to catch problems and prevent breakdowns, but if you can stretch out service intervals, you may save some money.