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  • 3 Old School Concrete Pavement Processes that Could Beat Asphalt

    Thanks to some high-tech updates, what's old is new again. These old-school practices are giving asphalt a run for its money.

  • Now Available: Pervious Concrete Maintenance Guide

    The National Ready Mixed Concrete Association has released a newly revised Pervious Concrete Pavement Maintenance and Operations Guide.

  • Drones OK'd for public works projects

    The Federal Aviation Administration is exempting four companies from prohibitions against the use of drones for aerial surveying, construction site monitoring, and oil rig inspections. That's just one reason 2015 could be the year of the drone.

  • City welcomes new public works director

    This public works professional got out of Minnesota right before the snow started flying.

  • City grants weeklong 'trash amnesty'

    "It's better than have illegal dumping from huge amounts of trash," says Sean Demory of Kansas City's Public Works Department.

  • EPA sued over stormwater rules delay

    EPA's not moving fast enough on its 2009 promise to update its stormwater program, according to the Natural Resources Defense Council and the Environmental Defense Center. The organizations have asked a federal court to give the agency a deadline for issuing new rules.

  • Five public works antidotes to bad weather

    After concluding that the climate is changing faster than predicted, the American Society of Civil Engineers and other experts recommend that cities begin these tasks within the next two years.

  • Wave good-bye to a fuel tax increase

    The chair of the House Transportation Committee says funding U.S. roads and bridges is a top priority, but is ruling out a tax hike or user fees as ways to raise the money.

  • Pervious in Paradise

    Stop by the Gold Lot to check out Pervious in Paradise, where attendees, sponsoring exhibitors, and researchers will have an opportunity to display, discuss, and demonstrate the new equipment and test procedures for this rapidly growing market – pervious concrete.

  • Emergency preparedness for citizens with disabilities

    QUESTION: Michele, I read your Winter 2014 Indiana LTAP Newsletter article about a really thorough approach to keeping people with disabilities in mind when preparing communities for disaster emergencies and, in this case, severe snow storms or even moderate snow conditions. Can you share that on...