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  • State, local debt as percentage of GDP: 17%

    In honor of the 50th anniversary of New York's Verrazano-Narrows Bridge, the executive director of Columbia University's Earth Institute analyzes our national commitment to public works.

  • Leaky pipelines make national news

    Keep this article for the next time your water utility proposes a rate increase. It explains in plain English why everyone, regardless of where they live, will have to pay more for something the public takes for granted.

  • Emergency preparedness for citizens with disabilities

    QUESTION: Michele, I read your Winter 2014 Indiana LTAP Newsletter article about a really thorough approach to keeping people with disabilities in mind when preparing communities for disaster emergencies and, in this case, severe snow storms or even moderate snow conditions. Can you share that on...

  • A traffic innovation so smart it just might work

    Have you ever come to an empty intersection late at night and wondered why you have to wait when no one is around? Virginia Tech researchers are working on a development that might put an end to that.

  • Solar to save wastewater operation $52,000 annually

    Pocomoke City will partially power wastewater treatment operations with a 2.1-megawatt array, the largest municipally owned solar project in Maryland.

  • NOT increasing rates is as bad as increasing them

    Or worse. This author contends that utilities create water shortages by not charging consumers properly for their product. It's difficult not to agree.

  • What will tomorrow's highways look like?

    Smart highways and sidewalks that harness energy from pedestrian foot traffic. Those are just two of the developments U.K. engineering firm Arup envisions for the future.

  • VIDEO: Computer virus threatens vital infrastructure

    The Department of Homeland Security says dormant malware could be activated anytime to disrupt processes like water distribution and filtration systems. E-mail if you think this is a threat to your public works department.

  • Partnerships produce uglier bridges

    Public-private partnerships may save money, but this engineer says they also make it difficult to design and build beautiful bridges. Do you agree with his examples?

  • Tips for hiring veterans

    Though aimed at the private sector, these insights apply just as well to the public sector.