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  • Track Down Potholes

    Many municipal public works agencies know the benefits of having an automated vehicle location (AVL) system to monitor employee performance, improve operational efficiency, and increase public communication efforts. But another little-known benefit is being able to map the discrete locations of...

  • 2007 salary survey: How do you stack up?

    Though compensation is stagnant and even falling (slightly), benefits in the public sector remain solid. Here's the skinny on what you're worth, based on our second annual salary and benefits survey.

  • The buck stops here

    What to do when elected officials start pitting the cost of your department's services against those of private vendors.

  • To lease or not to lease

    PUBLIC WORKS elucidates ample reasons to forego the option of leasing.

  • Coming together

    One of the primary reasons public works employees join a union is the strong contracts for benefits and other perks. Read the results of this and other aspects of unionized work forces, as PUBLIC WORKS shares results of its recent union survey.

  • Compensation packages ease hiring problems

    Benefits packages help public works departments attract and retain qualified fleet mechanics, even if public-sector wages run somewhat below the private sector, say fleet managers. Shortages of qualified mechanics appear to be a regional problem.