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  • Connecting the dots

    Geographic information systems evolve with each advance in computer and telecommunications technology.

  • Backhoes go high-tech

    Most of the backhoe-loader manufacturers have been busy lately improving their new product offerings. We take a closer look at: new M Series 2 backhoe-loaders from Case; Caterpillar's E-Series, a three-machine lineup of backhoes introduced at this year's World of Concrete Show; and Terex's TX970B...

  • Dollars well spent: staying on top of technology

    Parcel data, regional and community maps, facility as-builts, building permits, and other collected data are the longstanding capital of public works departments. Systems to manage and better analyze these pieces of information, however, have advanced with technology, and public agencies need to be...

  • Making upgrades

    I love my Mac. At least I do when it works. Most people are very loyal to their computers, but I'm on a Mac at work and a PC at home. So really, I can go either way as long as the machine does what I want it to do. But computers often require upgrades. We're about to move into Mac OSX here at the...

  • Modeling with CFD