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  • Step-by-step: 3D modeling of water main replacement

    How an 11-phase construction sequence sped up design and regulatory approval.

  • 3D modeling for water main replacement design and regulatory approval

    Web exclusive: View an AutoCAD Civil slideshow of the 11 construction phases required to replace water mains near a floodwall for the Springfield Water and Sewer Commission.

  • Software shortcuts

    Building information modeling and horizontal assets.

  • Intelligent interaction

    Although building information modeling (BIM) is a powerful tool on any project, contractors particularly like the ability to include nonstructural elements and further expand what the model can facilitate.

  • Beyond constructability

    Imagine how much your operations and maintenance efficiency would improve if you had an owner's manual for each facility.

  • First Strike

  • Alter Ego

  • Loud and Clear

    Frequent battery replacements, missed calls, and garbled messages meant just one thing to Albert Brunson, head of public building equipment maintenance for Cumberland County, N.C.: time to update his mobile communications system.

  • Clear as mud

    If clarifying a detail is as easy as reading a note on the construction plan sheet, why do contractors make so many requests for information?

  • Ease the Data Crunch

    Gathering data with geoprocessing technologies such as global positioning systems, virtual reference stations, geographic information systems (GIS), and CAD is challenging enough. Integrating the vast amount of spatial information derived from two or more of these technologies to make critical...