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  • Lead by Example

    Engineers designed the 0.3 mgd Greater Bayfield Wastewater Treatment Plant (GBWWTP) with one goal in mind: to showcase environmentally friendly technologies as a state demonstration plant.

  • Snow fight

  • Backhoe Loaders February 2007

    PW Solutions features the latest backhoe loaders.

  • Tight squeeze

    Membrane filtration isn't just for big cities. Two small water districts are using the decade-old technology to combat discharge requirements and prepare for growth.

  • Screenings become a piece of cake

    The Meriden, Conn., Water Pollution Control Facility has reduced organic content and waste volume with the Screenings Washer Monster, a device that grinds, washes, compacts, and dewaters bar screenings. Since installing the device, the facility has eliminated odor, handling of screenings, and...

  • APWA Expo Preview: water and wastewater

    A preview of APWA events related to water and wastewater.

  • Hi-Vac Expands with O'Brien Manufacturing

    Hi-Vac Corporation has acquired certain assets of O'Brien Manufacturing, including the trade name, and will move the production of the O'Brien Manufacturing product line to its modern facility located in Marietta, Ohio.

  • Green waste warriors

    Waste diversion is a buzzword across the country, and we're not just talking plastic and glass anymore. Green waste is being composted and re-used in increasing amounts in many municipalities, and many are doing it as part of their normal waste collection.

  • Trucks & accessories

    Operators are demanding more from their trucks, in terms of performance, versatility, and comfort. Manufacturers have responded by releasing new and upgraded vehicles and accessories to meet a broad range of needs and applications. These products offer more standard options, bigger payloads, easier...

  • Wet weather tools

    A downpour can elicit many emotions, but only those in public works think of rain in terms of overloaded sewers and surcharged manholes. Sometimes even the forecast of rain can bring about visions of backed-up basements, overflowing inlets, and angry citizens.