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  • Clean Sweeps

    Controlling snow and ice requires balancing three, not quite equal, goals: meet the public's need to travel safely, avoid harmful environmental impacts, and keep costs in line.

  • Sorting Out Solids

    Adapted from the concept of dry wells that collect and disperse stormwater runoff in parking lots and other large paved areas to the underground, vadose zone recharge wells are dug in the unsaturated zone of sand and gravel material above the groundwater table, commonly known as the vadose zone.

  • Winter-fighting products October 2007

    Keep ice, frost and snow at bay with the latest ice and snow products.

  • Before the storm

  • American Public Works Association Exhibitors September 2007

    Products from exhibitors at the 2007 APWA International Congress and Exposition

  • FDR Comes to Town

    Usually reserved for rural locations with plenty of wide-open space, full-depth reclamation (FDR) with portland cement has come to the city--specifically, to downtown Reno, Nev.

  • Rock-steady railway

    As an officer of the Deep Foundations Institute, I have had the opportunity to travel the globe and meet engineers from around the world. We have found common ground in our engineering challenges and shared countless ideas and experiences, to the mutual benefit of our respective clients.

  • Dual-purpose epoxy

    The overlay, a patented combination of epoxy and aggregate rock, provides a complete pavement seal to protect infrastructure and provide year-round traction in all weather conditions.

  • Green grants for rain gardens

    A new program in the Chicago suburbs is getting residents to help with the heavy work of improving the village's stormwater system.

  • Down & Dirty May 2007