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  • Fast-tracking the future

    When Kansas City's urban core needed a jumpstart, city officials broke through the backlog by launching the Capital Improvements Management Office.

  • Success in the sewer

    As Reno, Nevada, grew over the past decade, the strain on its municipal sewage system grew as well. That's when the city's sanitation engineering division stepped in.

  • Keeping control from a distance

    With the right instrumentation and controls, a sewer plant can be operated effectively from a remote location, as the Board of Water and Sewer Commissioners of the city of Mobile, Ala., has demonstrated at one of its facilities. The Wright Smith wastewater treatment facility, a trickling filter...

  • APWA exhibitor products: September 2005

    Temporary perimeter systems, Dump body configurations, Manhole lift, Lasting storm drain markers, and other products.