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  • Web Extras 8/1/2010

    Click here for water utility plans, energy saving measures, trade show information, and additional content from this month's issue!

  • How much is your time and effort worth?

    Calculating the point of diminishing returns when pursuing outside funding opportunities.

  • Fun With Fats

    Influence behavior by personalizing the damage that cooking residues cause.

  • The Replacements

    As baby boomers retire, public agencies must transform themselves into employers of choice for the next generation.

  • PWPR

    For any public works employee experienced in presenting a controversial project or fielding service-related complaints, this is the question that eventually arises when contemplating the development of a public relations program. But upon further reflection, the answer has to be “yes” because in...

  • Infrastructure to the Rescue

    The city of Phoenix has increased in size from its incorporation in 1881 (2500 residents) to today (1.3 million), turning it in a little more than a century and a quarter from a humble desert town to the fifth largest municipality in the country.

  • Auditors welcome

    f a green audit of Google's headquarters were conducted, the company would pass with flying colors.

  • Team green

  • Words of Wisdom

    While the leadership ranks are filled mostly with masculine faces, the number of women in positions of power is growing. The challenges these women face sometimes tie into their gender, but most of their obstacles are shared by everyone in the profession—male or female. Six top public...

  • 2006 Department of the Year

    Four cities earn top honors in our second annual Department of the Year award program. A jury of their peers says these departments raise the standard of excellence for themselves, their communities, and their profession.