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  • Keeping green in the black

    Nontraditional sources of labor make recycling possible.

  • WEF joins with onsite wastewater group

  • Buried treasure

    A transportation department leads utilities in deploying radio-based marking technology.

  • $50 conference for project owners

    Virginia DOT, New York City Transit, and Massport are already signed up to share plans and priorities with potential construction managers at a new, low-cost conference May 2 - 4 in Atlanta.

  • Regulatory pressures lead to funding innovation

    Next to the Mississippi River delta in the Gulf of Mexico, no other river basin in North America struggles with excess nutrients more than the Chesapeake Bay watershed. The 64,000-square-mile estuary is the nation's largest, encompassing parts of Delaware, Maryland, New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia...

  • Dot Does ‘The Weave’

    Adding and braiding lanes increases interchange capacity by 50%.

  • Government Loses Control of Waste Operations

    A federal judge in Guam has taken solid waste operations away from local government in favor of a court-appointed federal receiver from Virginia.

  • Sewer systems inventoried

    The historic city of Alexandria, Va., is abandoning its outdated hard-copy utility maps in favor of up-to-date sanitary, storm, and combined sewer geographic information system (GIS) maps created in the field, in real time.

  • Virginia WTP breaks new ground

  • Training: put it in the purchase contract

    Providing training for mechanics these days—especially for new heavy equipment—can be a challenge, especially for smaller cities and counties. The solution, most fleet managers have found, is to write training into the purchase contracts for the equipment. Then it becomes the vendor's...