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  • Can new highway funding pass this year?

    Despite recent evidence to the contrary, President Obama believes Congress can reauthorize federal surface transportation legislation before the current package expires May 31, and with gas prices at historic lows, a gas tax increase is looking more palatable.

  • The road to renewable energy

    Persistence pays off for Bernalillo County, N.M., which wanted to use solar power to lower electricity bills at its largest facility.

  • The importance of keeping curbs raised

    QUESTION: Michele, you said you might cover the full side-to-side radius curb ramp. I’m requesting that you do. At times engineers want to design that style and I personally have problems with it. — Conrad, Utah

  • Curing pervious concrete: what's your take?

    A contractor and equipment owner argue over how important superabsorbant polymer (SAP) is to the future performance of pervious concrete. Who's right?

  • Why the Highway Trust Fund is doomed to go broke

    A proposal to raise $164 billion over 10 years won’t pass in time to keep the Highway Trust Fund from going broke by the end of August. And the White House doesn’t support it.

  • Modernizing an interstate

    Even after decades of use, the pavement was still in good enough condition to save, so UDOT elected to perform concrete pavement preservation (CPP).

  • Report: PVC fails less than any other pipeline material

    A second Utah State University study of PVC pipe performance in water and wastewater systems affirms the material’s 100-year lifespan. Previous research by the university’s Buried Structures Laboratory showed the pipe fails less often than ductile iron, cast iron, steel, concrete, and asbestos...

  • World of Concrete attendees see high-profile projects up close

    Three high-profile, world-class public works projects are all near Las Vegas.

  • Creating beauty in a public space

    Designed by GSBS Architects of Salt Lake City and the Denver office of Stanley Consultants, the urban renewal project transformed a deserted lot with abandoned housing into downtown gathering place.

  • 2014 Outlook: Ogden City, Utah

    The city will replace its 13.5 mgd bed filter treatment plant built in 1956 and connect it to a new transmission line.