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  • Calling all customers, anytime, anywhere

    Utilities turn to automatic notification to comply with a state mandate.

  • Garbage Terminators

    Trash compactors squeeze 70% out of operational costs in one year.

  • Traffic safety and control products 2009

  • Measurable Progress

    A Web-based system enables one county to track recycling trends as demographics change.

  • Restricted Access

    Intelligent transportation systems (ITS) combine information and communications technologies with vehicles and infrastructure to improve traffic routing and travel times, and trim fuel consumption. 

  • Ventures in Vegetation Management

    It pays to partner with universities and herbicide manufacturers.

  • Poll Says Voters Would Support Lasting Solution To Transportation Funding Crisis

    Pennsylvania's policymakers should not allow the fear of voter backlash to deter them from crafting a lasting solution to the state's transportation funding crisis, according to the results of a recent poll.

  • Public-private challenges—and solutions

    Alan Gesford, a former public works director for several Pennsylvania municipalities, shares the experiences that informed his view on the public works production.

  • Porous pavements move stormwater efficiently

    Porous asphalt pavements with stone recharge beds are rapidly gaining popularity as major components of a storm-water management system. These pavement/stormwater systems are designed to reduce peak and total volume of runoff and also are effective in removing total suspended solids.

  • Small, medium, or large

    David versus Goliath. Efficient versus ineffective. Weak versus strong. This is how many people may compare small towns to large cities. Small towns' public works departments have small staffs, less red tape, and fewer political problems while big cities have large bureaucracies, more money, and...