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  • Get to the Root of Sewer Problems

    Chemicals that fight fats, oils, and grease, as well as tree roots.

  • Going Once, Going Twice...

    Get the best price on used assest with online auctions.

  • Making the Grade

    When summer heads into fall, Gilliam County activities are fairly typical of Oregon's rural communities: Wheat farmers prepare for harvest, fly fishers ready for spawning season, and the county's road crew works its one-of-a-kind “gravel reclaimer.”

  • Processing Success

    An Oregon city relies on sequencing batch reactor technology to clean up wastewater discharging into the economically vital Columbia River.

  • Change of Direction

  • Down & Dirty June 2007

  • ODOT wins environmental excellence award

  • Fluoride debate arises in Oregon

    Less than a quarter of Oregon state residents drink fluoridated water, but health officials are campaigning for its increased use in public drinking water. Residents in areas without fluoridated water have been skeptical, deciding that messing with the water supply is not a wise trade-off for...