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  • Tight squeeze

    Membrane filtration isn't just for big cities. Two small water districts are using the decade-old technology to combat discharge requirements and prepare for growth.

  • Bringing on new plant

    Ask anyone who's created a new water treatment plant or revamped an existing one, and you'll likely hear about the complexities. What the Earth Tech team has learned about designing in quality for this new operation may help your city succeed.

  • Hi-Vac Expands with O'Brien Manufacturing

    Hi-Vac Corporation has acquired certain assets of O'Brien Manufacturing, including the trade name, and will move the production of the O'Brien Manufacturing product line to its modern facility located in Marietta, Ohio.

  • World's best water flows in Ohio towns

    Two Ohio towns captured gold and silver medals at the Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting in February. Founded in 1991, the contest is designed to recognize the best-tasting municipal and commercially available water.

  • Asphalt demand increasing

  • Paving with roller compacted concrete

    This is the finest product for city streets to come along in years,” said Marty Savko of Nickolas Savko & Sons, Columbus, Ohio.

  • Systematically approaching culvert inventory and inspection

  • Reporting software makes tasks easier

    Public works directors are accustomed to dealing with heavy equipment, road bases, and guardrails, so selecting work-management software can present a challenge. Scott Bressler, operations manager of the Butler County Engineer's Office in Hamilton, Ohio, says, however, that choosing the appropriate...

  • Butler County Department of Environmental Services, Butler County, Ohio

    Butler County sits in southwestern Ohio on Interstate 75. Its population of 339,828 ranks it as the eighth largest county in the state, and its current expansion boom is expected to continue for decades to come. Facing such significant sustained growth, the Butler County Department of Environmental...

  • Asphalt, cement demand to continue increase