More stories about MARYLAND

  • County recreational department chief receives rare award

  • Every litter bit counts

    A troop of volunteers is trekking cross-country to pick up trash and educate about conservation.

  • Web Extras 7/1/2010

    Click here for a tree guide, more on reverse auctions, cost-cutting ideas and additional content from this month's issue!

  • Top dogs

    Working canines battle pestilence in public spaces.

  • State road agency harnesses the wind

    Tucked in the back parking lot of a Maryland State Highway Administration maintenance facility, this 60-foot Potomac Wind Energy turbine generates an average of 700 kW hours of energy each month.

  • On the Radar

    Configuring a sign-placement plan that commands respect.

  • Roadkill compost

    No one knows exactly how many Odocoileus virginianus, i.e., white-tailed deer; are killed by motorists each year, but suffice it to say it's tens of thousands. The extremely adaptable, extremely fecund species is found in all but three states.

  • Special offer! Only for roadway managers!

    I don't think I've laughed as hard as I did over the responses to the last edition of this newsletter, which asked "Would you hurt Bambi?"

  • Russians Eat Bambi!

  • Taking It In-house

    How two county engineers decide when it's more cost-effective to do their own repairs.